FUXIN: Cambodia’s First Steel Building Producer

FUXIN: Cambodia’s First Steel Building Producer

Steel building products are known as exotic materials for the Cambodian market. But with Fuxin, quality steel building products are now manufactured in the country providing cheaper prices and convenience to clients compared to imports.

Founded under the mantra of innovation, Fuxin builds upon almost twenty years experience in roll-forming and building construction. Established in 2011 by a group of young and dynamic Cambodian professionals, FUXIN is Cambodia\'s first pre-engineered steel buildings manufacturer. The application for steel building include industrial, commercial and retail outlets, storage, logistics, sports and leisure. Fuxin strives to be the leader in supplying steel building solutions that are superior in quality, cost efficient, save time and are environmentally sustainable.

While pre-engineered buildings are the main building solution, Fuxin continues to innovate and develop new building systems. Today, Fuxin provides four distinct steel building solutions for the Cambodia construction market from its manufacturing plant located at KMH Industrial Park along Veng Sreng Street.

Pre-engineered building solutions target wide-span steel structures with applications like factories and warehouses, logistics buildings, and sport complexes.

Multi-storey steel building solutions are for structures like office buildings, commercial buildings, showrooms, and low to mid-rise residential structures.

Designed to fit with smaller-span projects, CZ building systems target small warehouses. It is a zero welding concept and uses fully galvanized steel members. All the connections are punched by CNC machines.

Light Gauge Steel Building Solutions caters toward residential applications because of its versatility and flexibility.

“Our goals have been developing practical solutions that streamline steel structure design and build process, improving manufacturing productivity, and providing more superior quality building.” said Kang Sen, Fuxin’s managing director and co-founder. “What makes Fuxin unique from other manufacturers is the ability to select and customise various technologies like design software and enterprise resource planning software to support our operation.”

While Fuxin is the only Cambodian steel building producer, several foreign steel production plants are also operating in Cambodia now. Today, over 10 steel brands have appeared on the market, mainly imported from Vietnam.

“Since we manufacture the products at home, we can offer at a better price, faster delivery, and quicker installation than suppliers that import the products from overseas factories.” said sales manager Thavrith. “More importantly, we can offer a convenient maintenance service for clients, while most suppliers can’t do so.”

To expand its expertise in steel structure manufacturing, Fuxin has partnered with Taiwan-based China Steel Structure Co., Ltd (CSSC), the contractor of the Taipei 101 Tower which is built with a steel structure. CSSC is setting up a factory in Cambodia as a base to supply not only the Cambodian market but also the regional market. The plant will have the capability to produce heavy steel structure such as high-rise steel structures, steel highways, steel bridges and heavy plants.

“Our strategy has always been to be selective. We focus on quality projects and development that add value to our operation. We feel very content with what Fuxin has achieved in the four years since its establishment. With ASEAN integration approaching and the increasing demand for steel buildings, we have many reasons to be optimistic and excited about future.” said Sen. “Fuxin can be a showcase of what can be achieved in Cambodia. With an average age of only 27 years old and with 99% of our staff being Cambodians, we are proud that we can compete among international companies in this highly technical and value added industry”.

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