After installing a Rinnai centralised gas water heating system, Harmony Phnom Penh Hotel has saved up to $10,000 annually on electricity comparing to its previous electricity-based system.

Harmony Phnom Penh Hotel officially opened in August 2014 in Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh. Its 68 exquisitely furnished rooms, plus a wide range of services and amenities such as on-site fitness centre, a roof-top swimming pool and jacuzzi, and a premium restaurant, all require a hot water supply. 

Mr. Ker Thai, the owner of Harmony Phnom Penh Hotel, also owns the Ohana Hotel which opened in 2007. After experiencing high electricity costs due to a centralised electrical water heating system at the Ohana Hotel, which also required him to install a large backup generator as the electricity supply was not stable at that time, he has noticed a huge saving after installing the Rinnai centralised gas water heating system at his Harmony Phnom Penh Hotel.

After installing the gas-based system at the hotel, he realised that it can save him up to $10,000 annually on his electricity bill which is 50 percent cheaper compared with the energy costs of the previous electrical water heating system.

Despite the extra initial cost installation for the Rinnai gas system technology, property owners will start realising the saving benefits in the long run after just three years of operation, according to a cost calculation by MEET-BIS Cambodia clean tech expert.

“I understand that it costs more at the beginning, but after three years, I can make profit as the product lifespan will last up to 10 years,” Mr. Ker said.

Many people have been afraid of the dangers of using an LPG gas-based system, but after visiting some 4 and 5 star hotels in neighbouring countries where gas water heating systems are regularly installed coupled with the consultation with local, experienced people, Mr. Ker gained full confidence in adding the Rinnai gas water heating system to his commercial properties.

“I have no hesitation in installing a Rinnai centralised gas water heating system, because the products are designed and made in Australia with an HD water heater manufactured in Japan and backed by Rinnai’s global commitment to quality and safety,” said Mr. Ker Thai, asserting that, “What is important is that I believe in Camcona Trading Cambodia because it has imported and distributed high quality products and also has extensive experience in the construction sector”.

Besides the financial saving, the hotel is also reporting a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of up to 73 Ton CO2eq per year, which is a good result for saving the environment and promoting the business as a green hotel.

“Environmental safety and having a green hotel are my goals. We are doing business to make profit, but we have never forgotten to protect the environment,” he said, adding that. “I will remove all energy inefficient equipment from my previous hotel and replace it with energy efficient equipment in the coming year”.

The Rinnai gas water heating system was introduced to the Cambodian market in 2013 by Camcona Trading Cambodia. Since then, more and more projects, especially hotels, have started installing this energy efficient water heating system to replace their electricity-based system.

The main benefits of a Rinnai centralised gas water heating system are; over 50 percent cost saving by replacing electrical heating to gas heating; lightweight and space saving; fast and continuous hot water supply (26L/min per burner); flexibility for future expansion; and low maintenance needs.

While Rinnai gas water heating systems target hotels, sport clubs and spas, its electric instant water heater focuses on residential clients. The electric storage water heaters are aimed at residential clients, apartments and condos.

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