Positive Workplaces Make Successful Business

Positive Workplaces Make Successful Business

A business owner has so many things to consider on a daily basis that it’s not surprising that office improvement probably isn’t a top priority. However, a lot of business owners don’t realise the huge difference that the working environment has on employee productivity. 

Research shows that the effect of the work environment on employees is one of the most important aspects of a successful business.  Team morale can have a direct effect on your costs. Employees need to feel motivated and stimulated by their roles and happy in their work environment. Unhappy employees won’t perform as well as happy employees so productivity will be lower than it could be and you will end up spending more on resources than needed.

Keep this in mind when you are looking for an office space. Today’s professional world is one full of pressure; the pressure for a business to succeed in a competitive economy; and the pressure for employees to undertake a heavy workload to ensure the business performs. These pressures can affect productivity, so a healthy work environment and happy employees are unbelievably important. 

The office space you choose should ensure the optimum working environment. Offices that are dirty and dark can have a significant effect on employees’ mood and performance. Make the most of what you have with the space but also focus on tackling stress.

Introducing fun things into the office may seem a bit silly to some, but has a big impact on how people work. Remember, a happy employee is a productive one, so anything is worth a try! Foam darts for example can have a really positive effect and will take the stress or the edge off the working day. If your employees can have a laugh every now and again it doesn\'t necessarily mean they aren\'t working, but means they are happy in their environment, which is exactly what you want.

Make sure your office is a positive place to be and that you are a happy manager and you will find that your employees are happy as well. Implement some motivational goals that will assist your business and your team and you will see the results and benefits of your efforts in no time at all.

Emerald+, the professional property management service in Cambodia, recommends the best office space with benefits including standard building, parking spaces, great sunrise and sunset views of the city, and a positive environment health.

Price start from USD17/sq.m., with a management fee of USD2.5/sq.m.

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