Scaffolding in the construction industry

Scaffolding in the construction industry

Scaffolding is named after its area of application. Façade scaffolding is used for work operations on the front of a building façade. Besides working platforms, reinforcement and access scaffolds are utilised on construction sites.

To transfer vertical loads, shoring or load-bearing, scaffoldings are being used to safely support any structures during construction. Industrial scaffolding provides access and work platforms on industrial installations.

 For the whole assortment of applications there are standards and regulations which are required to be followed.  Scaffolding is a temporary structure which provides working areas in heights for construction activities. Conventional tubular scaffolding is the most widely known type. Although its flexibility is appreciated, conventional tubular scaffolding is considerably unsafe. Furthermore the load capacity depends on a design which is often not provided.

 Modular scaffolding in general is a step forward from the tubular type and the most innovative modular scaffold worldwide. PERI UP Flex provides the flexibility of tubular scaffolding combined with high safety and load capacity. Its optimised design in development stage makes it light, safe and easy to use.

 In the construction industry, scaffolding is required from early stage throughout the whole process and it is not an exception where cost is relatively an important factor when deciding the use of systems and scaffolding in construction especially in evolving markets. To calculate the costs of the system, it is important to see the overall picture instead of looking only to investment costs.  One of the ultimate criteria to look at should be the safety and performance of the system which is associated and most likely enhance performance.

 PERI’s Scaffold systems offer first hand safety from storing, mobilisation of material, to erection and usage until dismantling. Safety is a priority which enables workers to perform better with confidence. Contractors using innovative scaffold systems are able to reduce the manpower to erect the scaffolding. In the SEA region the rate of manpower is augmentative, thus lesser manpower will have a direct impact on reducing the risk of accidents.

 The construction industry in general is facing a shortage of skilled personnel and by reducing demand on number of people it is easier to find the right staff for each work process. Modern scaffold systems such as PERI UP Flex modular scaffold are easier to erect due to innovative system items and their connections, optimised weight of items and erection procedures where the quantity of loose items is reduced which lowers the risk of falling objects. This scaffold system requires a smaller number of skilled workers due to its simplicity.

 Another important advantage of the PERI modular scaffold system is its versatility whereby the same parts are used for all areas of applications, which is another factor to help reduce costs by increasing the utilisation of the material on site.  Utilising the same material for working platforms, façade scaffold, access scaffold, reinforcement scaffold, shoring etc. is vital because the stocking on site in likely unavailable, especially  in urban areas, thus stretching the budget.

 PERI is a reputable company in the world of formwork where it is not just a material supplier but a solution supplier. The same principle comes with its scaffold system. A complete documentation from a scaffold supplier assures operation, safety and time accuracy without impacting the budget or jeopardising the construction flow.

 As a reliable customer-oriented business partner, PERI ensures the smooth operation of a construction site.

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