Top 10 advantages of using precast concrete

Top 10 advantages of using precast concrete

Phnom Penh Precast Plants aims to be the No. 1 precast product supplier in Cambodia.

Located at the heart of Phnom Penh along ASEAN Highway- 1 (AH-1), Phnom Penh Precast Plants is ideally positioned to provide all the needs for essential infrastructure, as well as to private companies looking to expand their presence in this key geographical area. Phnom Penh Precast Plants is a Cambodian company founded in 2013 and is the leading supplier of pre-stressed spun concrete transmission poles, reinforced concrete pipes, and PC/PHC spun piles. Their modern factory uses the latest manufacturing equipment to produce pre-stressed spun concrete poles, pilings and vibration technology pipes meeting ASTM and JIS standards. The modern plant is equipped with machinery from Germany and Korea along with their own testing lab, which ensures consistent quality control. Along with supplying poles, pipes, and piles, the company also provides design and installation services. Phnom Penh Precast Plants completes the design and supply solution for all electricity transmissions, construction preparations, and ground water and sewer line requirements; it’s a one stop service convenient for client’s needs.

Top 10 Advantages of Precast Concrete

1. QUALITY CONTROL: Since precast is manufactured in a controlled casting environment it is easier to control the mix, placement and curing.

2. LOWER COSTS: Since a precast factory can buy materials for multiple projects, quantity discounts can lower costs.

3. PRODUCT CONSISTENCY: Weather is eliminated as a factor; you can cast in any weather and get the same results, which allow you to perfect mixes and methods.

4. LESS LABOUR: Less is required and that labour can be less skilled.

5. DURABILITY: With the ability to tightly control the process, from materials to consolidation to curing, you can get extremely durable concrete.

6. RAPID ERECTION ON SITE: Precast units arrive ready for installation and can be scheduled to arrive “just in time” so they can be lifted directly into place. This avoids the need for storage space and unnecessary handling.

7. HIGHLY CONNECTIBLE: Because precast products are manufactured to precise specifications, watertight connections between pipes or sections are a snap, making precast perfect for most underground applications.

8. LEAVES A SMALL FOOTPRINT: Because precast is manufactured away from the construction site, there are no messy forms to build and no concrete mixing and finishing to be done on site. That means a smaller footprint and a cleaner, safer job site.

9. PRODUCT DEVELOPMENTS:  Manufacturers of precast concrete products invest heavily in research and development to make their products and

10. services even better. New products, new information technology and new production facilities demonstrate this forward-thinking attitude.

PEACE OF MIND: The technology behind precast production, design and construction stretches back hundreds of years, so customers can be assured of peace of mind when specifying precast products. Precast is a proven technology with a long history and a high-tech future.


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