Legrand leading kingdom’s electrical standards

Legrand leading kingdom’s electrical standards

With construction booming in Cambodia, electrical infrastructure installations in buildings are coming under increasing focus to ensure safe electrical networks for residents and to reduce consumption. 

Construction and Property Magazine spoke exclusively with Mr. Wandrille de Pierrefeu, Country Manager of LEGRAND Cambodia Branch on how the world’s leading electrical brand is pioneering improved electrical standards in Cambodia. Originating from France, LEGRAND is globally renowned for its exceptional quality and standards in electrical infrastructure applications. LEGRAND has been distributed in Cambodia since 1993, and opened a representative office in April 2016.

LEGRAND is a renowned global electrical and digital building infrastructure brand. What is the reason for entering the Cambodian market?

Being present in Cambodia helps us support our distributors, resellers, and partners, and also enables us to be closer to the final customers to serve them better.

Please describe your product range that is available in Cambodia.

LEGRAND covers seven strategic fields of activity:

-    User interface (switches, power sockets, VDI sockets, etc.)

-    Energy distribution (electric panels, circuit breakers, busways, transformers, etc.)

-    Building systems (motion sensors, video intercom, etc.)

-    Cable management (floor boxes, cable trays, etc.)

-    Digital infrastructure (racks, structured cabling, fiber optic, RJ45 sockets, etc.)

-    UPS (uninterruptible power supply)

-    Installation components (pvc conduits & trunking, plugs, etc.)

Price sensitivity is still a major issue here. Since your products are quality-oriented, the price is higher than most brands on the market. Who are your target customers or projects in the Kingdom?

LEGRAND never compromises on quality. That said, we have some very affordable products with simple design (USD1.2 for one switch for example), for tight budgets.

Regardless of your budget and needs, we have some LEGRAND for you, and it will always come with 2 years warranty.

What is special about your products compared to others currently in the market?

Quality and durability. You will see around Cambodia many LEGRAND products (electrical panels, circuit breakers, switches & sockets, etc.) that have been installed 15 or 20 years ago, and they are still working perfectly. LEGRAND is known worldwide for never compromising on quality, and unlike many products on the market, we respect all international standards. Our products in Cambodia meet the same quality standards that for European or American customers.

Are there many suppliers of electrical materials in Cambodia? Where are the majority of those products currently available in Cambodia supplied from?

As there is currently no electrical standard in Cambodia, there are many unsafe products that will put your house and family at risk. Cases of electrocution and fires are very common with such products, coming mainly from China.

What is your strategic vision for your brand in Cambodia over the next 5 to 10 years?

LEGRAND is number 1 in the world for wiring devices and cable management, and leader in 32 countries for at least one of its core businesses. We aim to reach the same position in Cambodia. LEGRAND is already becoming a key partner for all construction projects, and many professionals in the construction industry are partnering up with us for yearly agreement on prices and quantities, which come with an extended warranty.

What are the common errors related to electrical and digital building infrastructure installations in Cambodia that you notice? How would you like to see these problems solved?

We see 4 major problems for electrical installations:

1.    The electrical panels are often unsafe and not properly cabled, which is leading to many power shutdowns and sometimes even fires.

2.    A lot of electrical equipment does not meet international safety standards.

3.    Many electrical connections are unsafe, increasing the fire risk again.

4.    Lack of knowledge regarding solutions for outdoor installation.

How to solve these:

1.    Customers should go for panel builders which are recognised by leading brands only. For instance, LEGRAND has certified one panel builder in Cambodia (MAUSO) for its ability to design professionally the electrical panels, cable it, and install it, according to international standards. (http://mauso.biz)

2.    Customers must take the habit to ask for certificates, test reports, and warranty for all products.  All LEGRAND certified resellers can provide you test reports, certificates, and 2 years warranty for all products.

3.    Connections with adhesive tapes are the best way to start a fire, and the connection will fail sooner or later. LEGRAND provides a great connection strip with screws that helps connect cables together in a safe and durable way. (cf the photo of Nylbloc connector)

4.    Frequent heavy rains in Cambodia are a major problem for your electrical installations: LEGRAND has a full range of weatherproof products meeting international IP standards (resistance to solid and liquid elements): IP44, IP55, IP66, etc. Switches, sockets, electrical panels, junction boxes, etc.

For IT infrastructure, there are 2 major problems:

1.    Lack of knowledge on the range of network cables and quality of cables.

2.    A lot of IT equipment is impacted by voltage variation or temporary power shutdowns.

How to solve this:

1.    It is key to select data cables from leading brands respecting all international regulations (TIA/EIA 568-C, EN50173, EN50174, ISO/IEC 11801). Many china-made cables available in Cambodia have only little copper inside which reduces a lot the performance and thus speed of your internet.

2.    To counter this, the best option will be UPS which will act as an Auto Voltage Regulator but will also provide a battery. LEGRAND has a full range of UPS ranging from 600va to 800kVA, single phase and three phases are available.

What projects have you completed in Cambodia?

We have had many projects with EDC of course. We are also a long time partner for Cambodia Airports, NagaWorld Resort & Casino, Borey Peng Huoth as well as many other leading companies such as Sokimex, Total, Acleda Bank, and many kinds of condominiums and hotels among which Raffles Hotel, Song Saa Resort Island, Amansara resort Siem Reap, Himawari hotel, etc.

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