Addressing Construction industry issues Responsibly

Addressing Construction industry issues Responsibly

The building and construction industries are key industries in Cambodia. Indeed, they increasingly attract investments and many major projects are ongoing (shopping malls, hostels, condominiums etc.). By being key industries, the building and construction sectors also raise many issues such as safety and security, the environmental factors and the quality of infrastructure.

DPCHT Co., Ltd’s main business is based on distribution, installation and maintenance of internationally-recognised technology brands in various sectors such as security, car parking, and environmental solutions equipment. DPCHT Co., Ltd has many references in public and private sectors; it is a reliable company recognised by Cambodian ministries, international funds and private customers. 

In the building and construction industries, although one may be seeking efficiency and low costs, this should not be done at the cost of security and safety. DPCHT Co., Ltd is aware of this issue. We have developed strong partnerships with reliable suppliers of security and safety equipment. Indeed, we distribute ANSELL, DRÄGER, HORMANN and DIRICKX products. ANSELL is a global leader in protection solutions and a supplier of a wide range of hand and arm protection solutions such as gloves, suits & work wear and healthcare safety solutions. DRÄGER offers reliable and durable safety equipment such as fire services and gas detection equipment. HORMANN is Europe’s leading provider of gates, doors, frames and operators, HORMANN produces, among other products, fire doors and armoured doors. DIRICKX is the European leader in perimeter protection.

Moreover, now that we witness the impact of climate change, any sustainable investment must take this issue into account. Cambodia has great potential for renewable energies, especially solar energy. DPCHT Co., Ltd strongly believes that renewable energies will play a significant part in our energy future.

This is why we are very proud to have built partnerships with companies going in this direction, such as SUNWATERLIFE, TEHCHNEAU, NEREUS and SCANGRIP. SUNWATERLIFE is a French company that produces potable water purification systems, autonomous in energy thanks to solar panels that can produce drinking water from any water supply point. TECHNEAU is a French group designer and manufacturer that produces, among other products, pre-water treatment solutions.

These systems are both protecting the environment and enabling water treatment plants to be more effective. NEREUS is a French company that combines sustainability with profitability by recycling wastewater. NEREUS produces systems capable of extracting high-quality water from complex effluents using as little energy as possible. SCANGRIP is Europe’s leading supplier of work lights. Thanks to the charging lights they provide, you can save energy by avoiding using power generators that use a lot of energy. SCANGRIP products are resistant to strokes and outdoor environments.

Finally, due to the current poor condition of the country’s infrastructure, Cambodia aims at rehabilitating its hard infrastructure. Quality infrastructure is also a high priority for DPCHT Co., Ltd. This is why we have developed many partnerships in these sectors. We approach this issue with great seriousness and choose our suppliers for the quality of their products as much as for their expertise. For example, DPCHT Co., Ltd is the authorised distributor of INTERDESCO and SOVAL. INTERDESCO is a French leader in the field of polymer products and bitumen coating. SOVAL is a French designer and manufacturer in the fields of iron cast manhole covers and water piping. Both of these companies are well known for the quality of their products.

DPCHT Co., Ltd is aware of the challenges facing the construction and building industries in Cambodia, and also aims at anticipating them. With our wide range of suppliers we can provide our customers with complete and high quality solutions corresponding to their needs and to the current context.

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