Phnom Penh Municipality Diary: January- February 2017

Phnom Penh Municipality Diary: January- February 2017

New design for new Chom Chao roundabout

6 Jan: A new design for the Chom Chao roundabout was announced featuring an underground tunnel, garden and 1.5m diameter drainage system. The new design will help ease the heavy congestion jam at the roundabout which is the connecting point for the city’s major roads Russian Federation Blvd and Veng Sreng Road with National Highways No. 4 and No. 3.

Enhancing Public Bus Service

10 Jan: H.E. Pa Sochetevong led a meeting with the Public Bus Authority to review the public bus service operation so far and set goals for 2017. So far, three bus lines are operating in the capital utilising 57 buses. Line 1 connects KM 9 to Boeung Chhouk spanning 20km using 20 buses, Line 2 runs 20km the from Night Market to Ta Khmao Town and is serviced by 20 buses and Line 3 running 14km from the Night Market to Chom Chao Roundabout of 14km using 17 buses. From January to November 2016, the bus service transported 2,167,022 passengers of which 1,342,129 of them paid the fees. The rest are free.

Over 2.4 million vehicles registered in Phnom Penh in 2016

Jan 13 As of 31 December 2016, City Hall registered 1,601,451 million motorbikes and 442, 972 cars in Phnom Penh alone for the year.

City Hall to finalise installation of 100 traffic lights

13 Jan: The city’s Department of Public Works and Transportation hosted the 32nd technical meeting for the installation of 100 traffic lights in Phnom Penh. It is expected that the traffic lights will be in operation before Khmer New Year. The new traffic lights will be controlled by a traffic light control room inside the municipality’s new administrative building.

Indonesia’s City Governor visited Phnom Penh

18 Jan: H.E. Pa Socheatevong welcomed H.E. Ibnu Sina, Governor of Banjarmasin City, and the biggest and most attractive city of Kalimantan Island in Indonesia. The meeting aimed to strengthen relations between both cities.

Longer pedestrian path along the river planned

1 Feb: City Hall is studying plans to extend the pedestrian path along the river from Chaktomouk River leading to Chroy Changvar Bridge. The plan aims to provide more pedestrian space along the river that will welcome local and international visitors for this year’s National Water Festival.

Phnom Penh Water Taxi plan announced

7 Feb: To help ease traffic congestion, a water taxi service is discussed that will provide the transport from Prek Phnov bridge to Ta Kmao Town with 9 stations. It will operate from 6AM to 8PM. The plan will employ 20 speed boats with each can handle 90 passengers.

Bridge across Prek Phnov 60 percent complete

14 Feb: Construction of the 54 metre long and 20.7 metre wide bridge across the Prek Phnov River is 60 percent complete. The bridge will ease the traffic along National Road No. 5 and Road 151, and Prek Phnov town. So far the municipality is constructing road connecting Road 151 and Kop Srov road to ease traffic jams.

Phnom Penh Tied with Romania’s Capital

15 Feb: H.E. Pa Socheatevong welcomed Mr. VAleriu Arteni, Charge D’s Afffairs of Romania Embassy to Cambodia to strengthen the bilaterual cooperation. Besides upgrade the exhsting relations which connects since 1962, they also aims to bridge closer connection between Phnom Penh Municipality and Bucharest Capital of Romania.

Cable line management speeds up

20 Feb: H.E. Pa Socheatevong led a discussion to manage the anarchic citywide cable lines. The discussion targets the management of the CCTV camera networks, lighting networks and the newly installed traffic light network supported by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

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