Cambodia is rapidly developing with Phnom Penh’s ever changing skyline representing the country’s economic growth and development. Thus as the city continues to expand with increasing high density living, so too does the risk of fire outbreak. 

Fire Risk is Real Last year 14 people died and 54 were injured in 612 reported incidents of fire (22 more than in 2015), according to the Ministry of Interior’s annual fire department report. Of these 612 cases, 41 percent were found to be caused by electrical malfunctions. These types of fires are common in the kingdom due to the lack of fire regulation building codes, electrical standard codes and a tendency towards electrical overloading and inadequate maintenance. Local fire service response teams cannot be fully relied upon either. The ministry report found that although Cambodia has 250 fire engines, 40 are not operational due to disrepair. Taking into account these facts, safeguarding commercial and residential spaces should be paramount in property developers’ minds. Given the potential risk to your investment, you cannot skimp on installing quality fire safety systems to save your property and most importantly, to save lives.

Insurance companies will also want to know what mitigation measures you have in place to guard against potential risks. Safer buildings will reduce insurance premium costs and expensive remedial work over time, whilst at the same time maintaining superior environments for occupants and attracting future tenants. Safeguard your Property Each development needs to be self-sustainable in order to control fire risk using international standard internal systems such as alarms and detectors combined with appropriate extinguishers, hose reels and accessories along with adequate training on how to use them. Extinguishers are one of the most effective ways to protect a property against fire without exposing the building to water or structural damage. In a market filled with substandard products, the best solution to protect your investment is Desautel’s superior multi-dimensional fire safety products and services.

With international distribution in more than 50 countries across the globe, Desautel is your first choice in customised technical solutions to safeguard your residential or commercial property against fire risk using aesthetically pleasing systems that blend effortlessly within the environment. Developed and manufactured in France, Desautel offers superior quality European standard fixed automative systems such as water mist and foam systems, detectors, alarms and gas systems which are specifically designed for electronic fires which could breakout in computer server rooms.

A wide range of fire extinguishers and accessories including fire blankets, storage cabinets, covers and user signs are available to suit your individual needs. Installation and maintenance is performed by qualified specialists who also provide hands-on training to ensure all staff and residents know what to do in case of a fire emergency. Desautel also provides fire risk assessments for your company’s commercial or business premises, which should be considered a mandatory and vital step in determining the right fire protection. Ensure your investments’ safety and your peace of mind by making the right choice. Choose Desautel. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

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