KRock Roof Tile Features New Designs and Technology

Having dominated the local roof tile market with its “Sra Ka Linh tile” being the only locally-based international standard traditional roof tile, Khme Rock Manufacturing has introduced new roof tile designs "KRock" and upgraded technologies to capture greater market share. 

Khmer Rock is now producing four different types of the Sra Ka Linh tile to cater to various uses on different buildings. The CR-01 type is applicable to the entire roof, whereas the CR-02, CR-03, CR-04 and CR-05 types are applicable to the roof’s final lines to ensure it is completely waterproof and has water-free retention. 

Customers can select from a wide range of popular colours including black-clay, red, dark blue, dark brown and dark green. The new paint designs are also certified by the Thai-based painting quality inspection agency RPSC Chemical.

With upgraded technologies, KRock tile can ensure the tiles are 100 percent water-proof, do not retain water and have cost-effective installation. The firm’s engineers designed the tile to fit purlins at 24cm intervals between roof battens of either iron, wood or galvanized. This makes installation exceptionally convenient and saves significant time and labour. The new high-tech tile designs also ensure rain water flowing downward will completely flow off of the roof via designed water gateways. This ensures not a single drop of water can leak into or be retained on the roof.

Recognising the local demand for high quality tiles, Khmer Rock Co., Ltd. has differentiated itself from other import tile ranges by producing only Cambodian traditional tile \"Sra Ka Linh\" and authorised distributed to WiKi Trade Co., Ltd.  Besides producing this style of roof tile, KRock is also the manufacturer of KRock outdoor concrete floor tiles, concrete wall panels, curve, concrete pipe and other precast concrete products.

Manufactured at its own factory in Cambodia, Khmer Rock ensured this KRock Khmer traditional tile is the first Cambodian standard roof tile to cater to the needs for Cambodia’s legacy roof designs. 

Made of concreting cement, the tile is manufactured to comply with local and international standards with a wide range of sizes, shapes, designs, types and colours. It suitable any roofed building such as public services building, institute, schools, villa, and kiosk with great look following architecture design. It also can be applied to any roofed buildings where tiles are required to protect the rain/heat or to beautify the architectural look.

Their light weight, compared to other tile brands, can provide significant savings on the building’s structural load as well as the roof structure that carries the tiles. Due to its simple features, the tile also offers fast and unsophisticated installation that saves time, labour costs and manternance. 

KRock roof tile was successful laborator tested with slope 20, heavy rain fall at 50mm to 80mm per hour, and wind speed at 60km 80km per hour. Moreover, the pigment colour wanranted upto 10 years.

Today, many international tile brands are imported to Cambodia especially from Thailand, Vietnam and China despite the abundant supply of local tiles. Wiki Trade however enjoys dominating the traditional tile market as it holds the monopoly for this tile design.

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