Creating a motivating and conducive work environment

The Phnom Penh office market currently enjoys modest levels of occupancy rates. As the market anticipates a significant amount of future supply, tenants requiring large spaces will have plenty of choices. However, choosing the right office location with productive work spaces is crucial to the success of any business.

Robust future supply means tenants are given more options for their office location. Within the Central Business District (CBD) of Phnom Penh, two new buildings, Exchange Square and The Gateway Office Tower will be completed in 2017 and 2018 respectively, and other new non-CBD buildings will be completed over the next three to five years. This large supply of office space means that rentals are likely to go downward for almost every grade of building in every location. Location-wise, an office that is too far from the city centre can alienate potential employees.“ Centrally located and easily accessible to all the major amenities such as banks, restaurants and cafes and a bright and clean interior design of an office play an important role in determining how nice the working environment is,” explained Chhayleang Ngoun from Ratanaka Realty. Stressing the green factor, Chan Mlop Sokha from Sokha Law Firm said that, “It is good if the office is surrounded by green trees or any other green elements”. 

From commencement of design to completion of an office building takes approximately three to four years with many new builds coming on line. As a result, space occupiers and tenants do not have to make any early decisions to sign leases, but can rather wait until the office building is completed.

Implementing workplace strategies is a means to improve space utilisation. Not only is the type of business changing, but young employees prefer more flexible working arrangement especially in regards to how, when and where and work happens etc. These days, it is very common for companies in Cambodia to implement a workplace strategy which is focused on reducing space and cutting the total occupancy cost. This strategy looks at how employees work and how they communicate with their colleagues. Sometimes the company itself does not have to assign desks for everyone if most of their staff spend the working day out of the office meeting customers and clients.

Any office building in the market must be able to support high occupation densities. This can be achieved through a healthy environment by modern air conditioning and installation of efficient lifts etc. Business owners need to ensure that their employees are not only comfortable where they work but that the office design is set up to be the best possible working environment. This leads to higher job satisfaction and commitment, greater staff focus and productivity, improved collaboration and communication and a greater sense of loyalty and engagement with the company.

Companies must identify their precise business needs in terms of accessibility, space, number of employees, workplace culture, and other factors necessary to create a motivating and conducive work environment. From the tenants’ perspective, they should only look for office spaces that are safe, accessible and appropriately represent the image the company wants to project.

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