How condo owners can increase tenancy with video intercoms

It is no secret that the residential market in Phnom Penh is booming, and condominiums are popping up everywhere, increasing supply while the demand is much slower.

Tenancy rates are falling fast in areas like Boeung Keng Kang, Russian Market, Daun Penh and Toul Kork, where there are too many condominiums available with similar services and monthly rates. While many condos are supposedly targeting foreigners or expats, few actually offer the standards requested by foreign tenants. Beyond cleanliness, attractive interior design, or a proper sound insulation, one thing foreigners, and increasingly Khmer people, look for is safety.

While many condominiums offer a 24-hour guard service, it is unfortunately too common that guards have never gone through proper training. It’s rather common to see them watching videos on their phones, sleeping, or sometimes even nowhere to be seen, instead of actually watching out for the building and tenants. This kind of security is therefore rarely sufficient to make tenants feel safe. Stories of burglars roaming freely in condominiums and looking out for opportunities are, unfortunately, too common in the foreign community.

lem and, at the same time, increase the perceived value of a condominium is a video intercom system. The system is composed of 2 elements: An entrance panel which is designed to resist heavy rain as well as shocks. It is actually designed as a vandal-proof system. All units have an internal panel allowing them to communicate with the entrance gate as well as security guards.

Once installed, visitors must contact the unit tenant through the outdoor entrance panel, under the watch of the security guard. Through video and audio features, the unit owner will be able to interact with the guest and decide whether he wants to give access or not. In case of problems, tenants can, through their internal panel, contact security through the SOS button. Such systems offer a guarantee of safety to tenants, and will help guards ensure no strangers are roaming around the building, since access to premises will only be given if the unit tenant agrees to it. For such security system, reliability and long life are key features.

LEGRAND has been a worldwide player in video intercoms for many years through its brand BTICINO which has equipped many condominiums in the world, including in Europe, USA, Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, etc. This system is now available in Cambodia, and a complete demonstration kit can be seen at the Legrand Showroom. Cost estimation for products and complete installation can also be requested from the Legrand team. Cost-wise, many investors are surprised to realise that it actually is very affordable, starting from only USD250 per apartment.

Several high-rises around Phnom Penh have already integrated it in their design, and installation is done by Legrand certified partners, which have undergone extensive trainings with Legrand internal experts from Singapore, Italy, and France.
Your building too, can stand out from the rest, and offer to potential tenants the safety they are looking for.

Visit the Legrand showroom in Phnom Penh: #20b Street 282, 
Boeung Keng Kang 1, Phnom Penh.
Email : 
Tel : 016 64 7700 / 096 8612 836. 

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