Boosting the Country’s Development

Boosting the Country’s Development

With one building after another emerging from the ground, it is clear that Cambodia’s urban landscape is undergoing rapid changes with projects such as offices, condos apartments, and shopping malls. Total investment in construction projects more than doubled to USD 8.5 billion in 2016 compared to the previous year, according to the Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction. 

The construction sector is consequently one of the main drivers for economic growth according to the World Bank. Cambodia’s economic development has been constantly on the rise since 2011, experiencing a growth of at least 7 percent each year. In 2017, the World Bank expects the economy to further remain strong at the same level. 

However, in order to compete with its similarly fast-developing neighbouring countries, Cambodia has to build up fast while maintaining cost efficiency. This is why the construction industry needs to be more mechanised to increase productivity and efficiency of its workforce. While maintaining the number of workers, construction will become faster and at lower cost as a result. 

Utilising power tools on the worksite is one of the ways to mechanise the construction industry. Rugged, high-quality power tools are increasingly becoming more affordable, and will significantly increase the productivity of worksites. Furthermore, cordless power tools enable workers to be more mobile. They no longer need to look out for loose cables, and are able to move around and work faster, thereby increasing their work efficiency. It also prevents accidents due to less tripping hazards, especially when working at greater heights. 

More efficient and healthy workers reduce labour and operating costs, as well as decreasing the risk of project delays due to site accidents and downtime. 

In addition, cordless power tools are battery-driven and work independently without the need for constant electricity. In Cambodia, there are on average 1.4 power outages per month, with each one lasting typically around 1.3 hours. Cordless power tools are able to bridge the time without electricity and thus, the work flow at the construction site is not disrupted.

Bosch developed its Contractor’s Choice range of power tools to meet the industry’s demand for quality and afford-ability. The no-frills range was re-engineered from existing models to be competitively priced, yet still rugged and safe for rigorous applications at construction sites.

Power tools support the booming construction industry by helping to make construction sites more productive and cost-efficient. Cambodia’s urbanisation can occur faster and at a lower total cost alongside its rapid economic growth. 

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