PEX quality water PIPES now available in Cambodia

PEX quality water PIPES now available in Cambodia

Coming directly from France, PEX Pipes is the first company to bring high-quality plumbing pipes to Cambodia.

Mr. Pak Serge, CEO of PEX Pipes Co. LTD explained to Construction & Property Magazine more about his company and the technology behind it.

Tell us more about your company.
PEX Pipes Co. Ltd. is the exclusive distributor of COMAP pipes for the ASEAN zone. COMAP is a French company that belongs to the Aalbert Industries Group which is listed on the Amsterdam stock exchange. COMAP produces 60 million meters of pipes every year. Its factories are all in Europe with ISO 9001 certifications.

Our company goal is to bring the PEX pipes technology (polyethylene cross linked) to South East Asia in countries that still use mostly PVC pipes for clean water. Our goal is to make this affordable technology more and more popular by preventing water leakage issues. 

Why bring this technology to Cambodia?
Leakage is a real issue in Cambodia. Owners of flats, houses, villas, hotels and offices all are concerned by this problem whether it’s an old or a new construction. How many times have you heard complaints about leakage issues from your family, friends or colleagues? For me, it is a lot. That is why I have brought this technology here. In France, we don’t have leakages everywhere; it is not a common issue, especially in new construction as they are all guaranteed for 10 years. If you use the right materials from the beginning, you are worry- free for the future. That is the way it should be. 

What is PEX?
PEX stands for Polyethylene Cross-linked. It is a form of polyethylene with cross-links: highly resistant and flexible at the same time. Our pipes can withstand pressure up to 10 bar and temperatures up to 90°C.  They can be exposed or buried in walls or the ground. It comes in rolls of ranging between 50 metres to 200 metres. They are available naked or protected in a corrugated conduit. Different diameters are available: 12, 16, 20 or 25 mm. 

Our PEX Pipes and fittings are all certified to European standards (ISO, SKZ, CSTBat).

What is your price range?
In terms of material only, we are about the same price as PP-R. But in terms of labour and time, we are a lot easier and quicker to install, so you save a lot of money on these points. Also our fittings are all reusable, so you have no waste in case of mistakes or whatever. Moreover, the expected lifetime of PEX installation is 50 years. You will definitely save money in the long run.

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