The world's leading infrastructure software developers bolster Going Digital in Asia

Chris Barron, Chief Communications Officer of Bentley

One of things I am most excited about in the Year in Infrastructure is the Be Inspired Award for BIM Advancement in Infrastructure. This year we set the record. We have over 400 nominated projects from all around the world, from 52 countries, and 51 of them are here today. It is very interesting that this year we have nearly half of the finalists from Asia Pacific. We have a common belief that the centre of creativity for infrastructure and Going to Digital is here in Asia. This is the first time for the Year in Infrastructure in Asia. So we are very excited."

Greg Bentley, Bentley CEO:
"Singapore’s Changi Airport will open a new Terminal 4 here at the end of this month, but I can tell you we think far ahead about infrastructure in Singapore, and ProjectWise Construction Management is already in use for the coming Terminal 5. So, as Chris said, Bentley Institute has convinced the Year in Infrastructure to be hosted here because only by advancing infrastructure can we advance our economy and the next phase depends on advancing professions and all of you.

So the case can be made that Singapore has the best infrastructure in the world, and credit goes to these inspired projects over the years. Here in Singapore, you can enjoy the quality of infrastructure.

The reason I would say Singapore has the best infrastructure is Singapore’s ambition for the future of the infrastructure and for getting there quickly.

So this a great place, this a great time, and we in a great group to be thinking about Going Digital for advancing in infrastructure. "

McKinsey’s recommendations for advancing infrastructure by going to digital:
 1. Higher-definition surveying and geolocation – rapid digital mapping and estimating.
2. Next-generation 5-D building information modeling – a design platform for the future.
 3. Digital collaboration and mobility – moving to paperless projects, from the office to the workforce.
4. The internet of things and advanced analysis – intelligent asset management and decision making, and
 5. Future-proof design and construction – designing with materials and methods of the future.

When we consider the larger opportunity to advance to the future faster, the connected data environment is what we might call the digital context and the digital components and materials are the same things that operate in infrastructure. 

What do we mean by Going Digital? The obvious thing by Going Digital is we wouldn’t use paper. Why not use paper? It’s because when we persist in storing information in the digital form, we found that computer programs can be used for purposes beyond for what they were created. 

Helsinki, Finland is a City Going Digital. They use our Reality Modeling software context to capture, create, maintain and engineer reality matches for the city to support its many municipal requirements. So that context – the digital context – is made digital through reality modeling. 

When we look more intensively for instance at a rail station, a component centre can understand and relate the walls of these components together and make it a digital component. 

So that connected data environment can spine the context in which we live and work.

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